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Your product, your service, your passion. You know it inside and out. I’m like a mercenary that knows how to get the job done, no matter whose team I’m on.

I will take on the scary world of digital marketing for you. I will help you identify your target digital consumer, develop the right marketing plan to find and entice them, create the proper sales funnel, and continually optimize this funnel to maximize what you want: loyal customers, and profit.

I know you know your offering inside and out; but I know the best possible way to expose it to the world. Let’s team up, and you can leverage my weapons. Check out what I do below.

Hero's Weapon Bag

We go through the most broad view of the overall plan; your goals, your targets, what you want to acquire, your level of risk, your current business status and the map to get you to grow bigger.
If you don’t have the best lead magnet, or you want a second one to make your company look more attractive to potential investors, I’ll set it up for you. Lead Magnets are called many things: websites, ecommerce websites, landing pages, squeeze pages, and more.
Once the best lead magnet is in place, then the heavy lifting begins. An amusement park in the middle of the desert no matter how awesome it is, with no foot-traffic, will fail. On the other hand, a dumpy park with rides in times square will succeed.
The key is to nurture both your marketing optimization efforts AND your on-page conversion rates. If these two key parts are handled by a pro, the funnel will spit out money.

Axis of Awesome

  • Trevor Bryant

    Timmy showed me how he had tripled the conversion rates of other websites in less than 30 days using the methods he suggests. This information is beyond valuable, you can’t really put a price on something that will triple your sales for years to come.

    Digital Success
  • Bobby Rahrovani

    This guy is the real deal. Never have I found someone on Upwork that is so knowledgeable about his craft. I’m really glad I worked with Timmy and look forward to doing a lot of ongoing work with him when I can afford more of his time.

    Bobby Rahrovani Media
  • Daniel Sasso

    Timmy has great communication skills and was able to help me build a website that is ready for business. He really took the time to understand the scope of the project and worked hard behind the scenes to deliver quality work. Thank you Tim for all your work on this project.

    The Auto Paint Depot

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